Day 1 (June 29)
9.00-9.30       Registration & Coffee
9.30-10.30      Welcome address & Introduction
10.30-13.00    Session 1
13.00-14.30    Lunch
14.30-16.30     Session 2
16.30-17.00     Coffee break
17.00-19.00     Session 3
20.00              Workshop dinner

Day 2 (June 30)
9.30-10.00      Coffee
10.00-12.00     Session 4
12.00-13.30     Lunch
13.30-15.30      Session 5
15.30-16.00      Coffee break
16.00-17.30      Concluding remarks




  • Marco Allegra, Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, The Settlements in the West Bank (1967-2014): New Perspectives

Session 1. The political economy of the settlements
Discussant: Ian Lustick, University of Pennsylvania

  • David Newman, Ben Gurion University, Settlement as Suburbanization: The Banality of Colonization
  • Erez Maggor, New York University, State and Market Relations in Israel’s Settlement Project: Housing Policy and the Shift from Messianic Outposts to Urban Settlements in the 1980s
  • Mtanes Shihade, The Hebrew University, The Welfare State of Settlers
  • Dana Rubin, Open University UK and SOAS, Haredi Settlers: Religion and Neoliberalism on the West Bank Frontier

Session 2. Inside the settlements (anthropological perspectives)
Discussant: Hadas Weiss, Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies

  • Hannah Mayne, University of Florida, Personal Narratives of Female Settlers: Uncovering Alternative Routes and Networks
  • Callie Maidhof, UC Berkeley, Beyond Separation: Affective Annexation between the Green Line and the Wall
  • Shimi Friedman, Open University, Hills, Farms, and the Local Council: A Heterogenic Society in Conflict at Southern Hebron Settlements

Session 3. Comparative views on settlements
Discussant: Sandi Kedar, University of Haifa

  • Johannes Becke, University of Oxford, Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy: Typological Theory and the Case for a Transnational Perspective on Israeli Expansionism
  • Fatina Abreek-Zubiedat, Technion, Architecture of Negotiations: Yamit and Sheikh Radwan, 1967-1982
  • Ronen Ben-Arie, Haifa University, The Civil Foundation of the Settlements in the West Bank: Past, Present and future (?)

Session 4. The heterogeneity of settlers
Discussant: Dani Filc, Ben-Gurion University

  • Lee Cahaner, Oranim Academic College, Ultra-Orthodox Settlements in Judea and Samaria
  • Sara Yael Hirschhorn, University of Oxford, The Origins of the Redemption in Occupied Suburbia: Rabbi Shlomo Riskin and the Jewish-American Makings of Efrat, 1973-2013
  • Sivan Hirsch-Hoefler, IDC and Haifa University, ‘Organized We Stand, Divided We Fall’: The Effect of Organizational Membership and Collective Identity on Radical Collective Action

Session 5. The spatiality of settlements
Discussant: Ronen Shamir, Tel Aviv University

  • Ariel Handel, CRFJ and Tel Aviv University, ‘Our Grapevines’ Life is Hard’: Terroir and Territory-Making in the West Bank
  • Haim Yacobi, Bezalel Academy, and Wendy Pullan, University of Cambridge, The geopolitics of neighbourhood: Jerusalem’s colonial space revisited
  • Erez Tzfadia, Sapir College, The Grey Space of Israel’s Settlement in the West Bank

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