Organizers and contact details

Marco Allegra is Research Fellow at the Centro de Investigação e Estudos de Sociologia (CIES), Instituto Universitàrio de Lisboa (IUL). His main research interests are urban studies and political geography, Middle East politics and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. His articles appeared, among others, on Citizenship Studies, Mediterranean Politics, The Geography Compass, Urban Studies, and Environment and Planning A.
Ariel Handel is a postdoctoral fellow at the French Research Center in Jerusalem (CRFJ) and a research fellow at the Minerva Humanities Center, Tel Aviv University. His research interests are human movement in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, mapping and spatial representations, and the political philosophy of geography. He is the head of the “Space and Power: A Political Lexicon” research group at the Minerva Humanities Center. His publications include The Political Lexicon of the Social Protests (co-ed, 2012), Geographies of Occupation (forthcoming) and several journal papers and book chapters.

Erez Maggor is a PhD candidate at the Department of Sociology at New York University (NYU). His main research interests are political economy, state theory, and historical and comparative sociology.


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